bank mission m1Dushanbe, 25.05.2017. 23rd-24th 2017, Islamic Development Bank's mission in responsible representative of the regional office in Almaty Brother Rustam Eshonkhujaev was in evaluation process of implementation project of reconstruction and completion of secondary schools, phase 3 and the project of “Vocational literacy program for poverty reduction (VOLIP) in Tajikistan has started the operation.

certificate givingDushanbe 14.03.2017. On March 14 this year in the professional technical lyceum n. Faizabad ceremony vocational certificates to graduates of vocational training courses, which were held in the framework of the program VOLIP. 49 people have graduated from these courses the only state-certificate documents were deposited across professions "Textile", "clothing" and "pastry".

final hissar m1Dushanbe 11.03.2017. On March 10th of this year in city of Hisor Teachers College at the end of vocational training courses, which were formed within VOLIP program, more than 90 young people and women without profession skills across professions "tailoring" (a group of old girls and 15-24 a group of women age 24-49, only 43 people), "Instruments Accountant with knowledge of computer" (24 people) and a group of "hair designer" (23) memorial exams, the owner of the profession.

TM inish workDushanbe, 07.03.2017. Day 6 of March this year, in the office, group project for the rehabilitation and construction of secondary schools working session on the discussions held during the term courses within VOLIP program. Working meeting under the leadership of VOLIP Ismailov program coordinator I. passed that participated in the project and the Consultative Group Company "Orien".

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